i write from the standpoint as a black woman, southsider, kinkster, academic, and whatever else YOU construct me as...so i hold no barriers.

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#Equality inc. gets it wrong again



Gabourey is actually making a critique of this violence through the use of her joke- regardless if she agrees with the statement or not, she discusses how they specifically target trans people. there is nothing anti-trans about that, since to most people this would be an afterthought and not included as part of a scripted commentary on national television. now, lets talk about something nobody wants to discuss/acknowledge, race, anti-black commentary- which is imbedded into everything.









Don’t play

I have 2 jars of blue magic. That shit will last a lifetime 

Still have some Murray’s from the 12th grade

they got my whole childhood up there

i think i threw away some old ass wave and groom last year & i’ll be money that my mom AND sister have most of these under their sinks right now.

that ultra sheen, murray’s, & super gro though…lol damn

Dax has always been a staple in my household. I have about 4 different Dax products now. lol We had Supre Gro, Nu Nile, and Ultra Sheen too. 

My childhood in hair products.

so many smells happening at the same time

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If you don’t think Jessica Williams is the best part of The Daily Show, you’re wrong.

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She funny

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Whites bitches think as soon as they take some black dick, they aren’t racist. Prime example of why I don’t do they ass!

A sweaty black place?

Stupid bitch…and this is just one of many reasons you won’t see me with a white woman. I’m not some novelty that you get to use to satisfy your animalistic curiosities…especially since you see me as nothing more than my dick anyway…

I’m really disgusted by white women who use sex/casual relationships with black men for cred or as a bucket list item to check off because a) it’s really gross, exploitative, and racist, and b) it’s just one more obstacle for those of us in genuine, loving interracial relationships. I feel like if you ever loved or at least respected any of your black partners, you wouldn’t be using them as a pass to say racist shit.


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Me after turning in my test.

This is going to be my dissertation completion dance!

Me after turning in my test.

This is going to be my dissertation completion dance!

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Happy Birthday, Janelle Monae

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